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Nurture Critical Thinking

The School of Arts and Sciences is the bedrock and intellectual core of Merrimack鈥檚 Augustinian values and academics. Through the arts, humanities and life sciences, students are exposed to diverse ideas, theories and perspectives that nurture critical thinking and problem-solving skills transferable to many careers and fields.

Fueled by collaboration, creativity and curiosity, we nurture a scholarly environment energized by spirited classroom discussions, mentorship, service-learning, emerging research, study abroad and internships.

Recognizing Merrimack's Community of Scholars

Research & Creative Achievement Conference

The Research & Creative Achievement Conference (RCAC) highlights original creative and innovative work by students, faculty and staff.

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Career Outcomes Rate

92% of the undergraduate class of 2022 in Arts and Sciences were either employed, participating in voluntary service, or continuing their education within nine months of graduation.

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Student-Faculty Ratio

With a 13:1 student-faculty ratio, you’ll get to know your professors 鈥 experts who have literally been there and done that and want to help you do the same.

Graduate School

Merrimack, New England School of Law, George Washington University and Boston College are just some of the graduate programs Arts and Sciences graduates are attending.



Biology Professor Receives NSF Grant

Associate Professor, Dr. Azam Noori, will use the nearly $400,000 award from the National Science Foundation to study how nanomaterials impact plant life and human health.

Undergraduate Majors and Graduate Programs

The School of Arts and Sciences offers a number of听undergraduate majors,minors,master鈥檚 degrees听and听graduate certificates. With online, hybrid and on-campus options, you鈥檒l find a program that works best for you.

Applied Arts and Sciences (B.A.)
Bachelor's Degree Completion Program
Applied Physics (B.S.)
Combined major
Biology (M.S.)
We are currently redesigning our biology master's degree.
Forensic Science (B.S.)
Combined major
Interactive Design (B.A.)
Combined major
Spiritual Direction (M.A.)
Choose from online (synchronous), on-campus or a combination.
Spirituality (M.A.)
Choose from online (synchronous), on-campus or a combination.
Undecided – The Discover Program
Undeclared major? Undecided students can explore different fields of study while staying on track for graduation.


Explore all the School of Arts and Sciences has to offer inside and outside of the classroom to tailor your experience to your unique needs, goals and dreams.听

Author reading book at the Writers House

The Writers House is a place where poets, fiction writers, scholars, journalists, graphic novelists and filmmakers can connect with and inspire the Merrimack community.

Rogers Center For The Arts

Explore all facets of artistic expression at the Rogers Center for the Arts on the Merrimack campus where you can enjoy or participate in theater, music, film and visual art.

Photography for 成人福利视频.

If you're an undeclared major, you'll be encouraged to discover the direction you want to pursue in your life and career with this academic advising program.

Student smiling in lab wearing lab coat and lab glasses

With an arts and sciences fellowship at 成人福利视频, you are reducing the cost of your tuition while expanding your professional network and job experience.


“Merrimack was super supportive throughout my college career, especially the professors that I had. Professors Michael Stroud and Debra Michals both went above and beyond to support me as I was applying to graduate schools and deciding what I wanted to do with my career. I’m really thankful for their support!”

On campus, Angela was involved in Theta Phi Alpha, Class Council, and Panhellenic Council. Angela now works as the Associate Director at Danversa Partners.

Angela Pezzello ’17
Psychology Major 听
Associate Director at Daversa Partners

Angela Pezzello - 2017

Student, Faculty & Staff Highlights

Matthew Dacey 2025
Undergraduate Student
"In my internship, I created building blocks for new organic compounds that were being made to target certain active sites in the body. I have the opportunity to join research projects with my professors at Merrimack and get to work with cutting edge instruments that will prepare me for work in my field."
B.S., Biochemistry
Marissa Myers M'24
Graduate Student
鈥淢y career goal is to eventually become a campus minister or Catholic spiritual director. I want to be a safe person for those seeking the religious or spiritual path, one who isn鈥檛 judgmental and can help them grow closer to their higher power. By getting a master鈥檚 degree in Spirituality, I can make this a reality."
M.A., Spirituality
Faculty Member
"I want to understand how various factors like stereotypes and biases, evaluation, internal or external pressure, concussions, and goals influence our behavior and performance. If I understand the how, then I can create interventions to prevent negative or enhance positive influences on behavior."
Associate Professor, Psychology
Trym Kyvaag
Undergraduate Student
鈥淚 had two internships for a Norwegian Tech company named 鈥淭unable鈥. My first year I worked with automating that data processing and machine learning workflows Tunable use to train spectroscopic models for our analyzers. The work ranged from scripting in bash and programming in python, to configuring Jenkins pipelines."
B.S., Mathematics and Computer Science
Laura O'connor
Graduate Student
"The Master's of Spirituality focused on your personal relationships with your higher power. The program was interfaith, & open to everyone from all different backgrounds. One of the best parts of this program is that you get close within your cohort due to the nature of the classes."
Laura O鈥機onnor M'23
M.A., Spirituality
Faculty Member
After working for more than 20 years in life sciences and research in the pharmaceutical industry and academia, Santhanaraman is the first manager of 成人福利视频鈥檚 Shared Instrumentation and Research Facility (SIRF).
Shared Instrument Facility Manager
Bella Perrotta '26 standing with a guitar.
Undergraduate Student
"I chose Merrimack after meeting the welcoming faculty and staff within the Visual and Performing Arts Department. I have always felt encouraged to pursue my dreams at Merrimack, and know I have support from my instructors."
Bella Perrotta '26
B.A., Music
Jackson McCarty
Graduate Student
"Getting my master's degree at Merrimack means that I can learn with professors who can build relationships with me, making it easier to understand my strengths and weaknesses with more personalized attention."
Jackson McCarty '23, M'24
M.A., Communication

Division 1 Football Player

Faculty Member
Associate Professor and Master's of Communication Program Director Dr. Andrew Tollison's passion for research in healthcare communication has brought him 16 publications and 69 peer-reviewed conference presentations.
Associate Professor,
Communication & Media
Clare Bowen grey background
Undergraduate Student
鈥淢errimack, for me, was special because where labs were hands-on from your first year. This is something I did not see at other schools, and it made me excited and confident about the skills I would learn here at Merrimack.鈥
B.S., Biochemistry
Graduate Student
"When the opportunity to continue my education arose through the Master's of Science in Biology program at Merrimack, I was able to continue on with my research and learned a lot through my experience."
M.S., Biology
Faculty Member
Assistant Professor Jonathan Latiano, MFA, has curated the current exhibition "The Space Between Things" at the McCoy Art Gallery featuring brand new artwork by three Boston-area artists, on display until November 17.
Assistant Professor,
Art/Art History
Undergraduate Student
"My summer internship held at Cape Anne Whale Watch is doing a fantastic job of preparing me for my future professional work, as it is giving me great hands-on experience of what collecting data within the field is like."
B.S., Biology
Graduate Student
"Getting my graduate degree at Merrimack has allowed me to prepare for the workload of a full-time job and it gave me extra experience through my fellowship to just get much more knowledge in the field I wanted to pursue.鈥
M.A., Communication
Employer: Boston Bruins
Faculty Member
As a result of hard work, Dr. Noori recently received a three-year, $399,338 grant to study how microscopic materials impact the cells and essential nutrients of selected plant species from the National Science Foundation.
Associate Professor,
Addams Family Theatre Production

Get Involved: Clubs & Organizations

There are endless opportunities to get involved at Merrimack and right within the School of Arts and Sciences.

Gain different perspectives, put learning into action and learn from peers and faculty advisors through one of our School of Arts and Sciences clubs:

  • Art Warriors
  • Club Sports at Merrimack
  • Criminology Club
  • Film Club
  • Gaming Club
  • Gender Equality at Merrimack
  • Graduate Student Senate
  • Live to Give
  • Mackapella
  • Merrimack Television Club
  • Onstagers Dramatic Society
  • Panhellenic Council
  • Unity House
  • WMCK Radio


More than 200 students representing all five schools proudly presented at locations across campus research work and projects across various disciplines.


Dr. Daniel Herda, chair and associate professor in the Department of Sociology, recently published a book titled “,” whichdiscusses the complicated history of race, politics, and policing in Chicago to explain how crime works from the top down through urban political machines and the elite figures who dominate them. The book was just awarded the American Society of Criminology Division of Communities and Places’s James Short Senior Scholar Award.